The Sights and Sounds of Sewanee

Welcome—J. Neil Alexander, dean of the School of Theology, introduces you to the Sights and Sounds of Sewanee.

Track One: Welcome

Carillon Bells—Perched high atop Shapard Tower, adjacent to All Saints’ Chapel, is the first stop in the tour, the carillon cabin.

Track Two: Carillon Bells
Carillon Bells

Schola—The University’s only chamber choir has been part of the School of Theology since 2016.

Track Three: Schola

Jessie Ball duPont Library—The three floors of the library contain many different community and academic environments, including the Theology Library and the Ralston Listening Room.

Track Four: Jesse Ball duPont Library
Jessie Ball duPont Library

The Domain—The 13,000 acres are home to the University campus, the Sewanee community, hiking trails, and the University Farm.

Track Five: The Domain
The Domain

Seminary Community—Friday night cookouts are a tradition among the seminary community.

Track Six: Seminary Community
Seminary Community

Abbo’s Alley—The University’s secret garden runs from one end of the University campus to the other.

Track Seven: Abbo's Alley
Abbo's Alley

Sewanee Football—The football team’s storied history includes the incredible win by the 1899 Iron Men.

Track Eight: Sewanee Football
Sewanee Football

Tennessee William’s Center for the Performing Arts—How the center got its benefactor is a story of familial connections.

Track Nine: Tennessee William's Center for the Performing Arts
Tennessee William's Center for the Performing Arts

The Festival of Lessons and Carols—From the greening of the chapel to the three services, this event brings the whole community together year after year.

Track Ten: The Festival of Lessons and Carols
The Festival of Lessons and Carols

Breslin Tower—The tour ends where it began, with the sound of bells—the change bells and the tower clock.

Track Eleven: Breslin Tower
Breslin Tower